First Indonesian Cropcircle


Robert Taliesin wrote`According to the news the circle appeared in 23/January/2011, the only eyewitness is a child who said the Crop Circle was created by a small whirlwind (?).

Haryo Wibowo wrote
`After many times crop circles appeared in Europe, and only viewed via internet, for the first time I saw myself CC in my city, here, at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Exactly at Rejosari, Jogotirto Berbah, Sleman about 7-10kms shouthern of Prambanan temple.

`This CC probably appeared on saturday night since farmers saw the unique shape of their rice field early in the sunday morning january 23, 2011. Maybe this location was choosen because it near the hill so people could see this CC by climbing the hill, and uniquely it's under tower of electricity cable line.

view from hill







"There's a big circle in the middle of rice field 70 meters in diameter in the area of Mount Suru, Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta." Said one local resident Praditha Wahyu

This phenomenon was first known by Yudi, 20. "Around five o'clock this morning, I left for work. While passing this field, I saw the rice-paddy, but collapsed to form a neat pattern," said Yudi.